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Emily Montague's place looks quite inviting

4 years agoby: Droz

Esquire's Me in My Place photo shoots continue to make impressive spectacles out of less known actresses and models. This time they're covering FRIGHT NIGHT actress Emily Montague hanging out in appropriately seductive attire in her place. I'm glad to see a hottie like Emily getting some screen time, but it's just unfortunate that she had to do so in yet another 80s remake. Granted, it's kind of hard not to not appear in a remake, seeing as how that's pretty much all anyone makes anymore. I don't have to like it though. Actually, I hear this particular remake is pretty good, so maybe I can forgive them for their lack of originality just this once. Strange that they released a movie like this at such a weird time. You'd think this would be a lock for a Halloween release. Go figure.

Whatever is the case, being less than thrilled about the idea of remaking beloved movies from my childhood doesn't mean I have to be disapproving of the folks that appear in said remakes, right? Good, because Emily is hot and I would certainly like to see her in something again. Preferably something tiny and see thru.

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Drool Back
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8:00PM on 08/23/2011
[makes slurping noise]
[makes slurping noise]
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5:29AM on 08/24/2011
Simply stunning.
Simply stunning.
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