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Emma Watson is a "green" hottie

Sep. 9, 2010by: Randy the Ram

The always super cute Emma Watson has been putting her fame to good use, aside from contributing some eye candy to the remaining HARRY POTTER movies, she's been busy taking care of our mother earth and trying to build a better future for our grandchildren. She has been endorsing a bunch of earth friendly-sweat shop free clothes with "People Tree" and what better way to sell the stuff than to model the clothes herself. I could care less if we die a horrible death by being swallowed by the earth moments after trying to outrun a cracking fault line with a limo but if somebody as cute as Emma Watson wants me to buy some organic fair-trade clothes then I'm all up for it.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: So this whole thing is for a good cause, if you're more of a philanthropist and less apathetic and superficial than me you can always check the "People Tree" site

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2:07AM on 09/10/2010
Always a good breathe of air.
Always a good breathe of air.
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10:33PM on 09/09/2010


She is cute with a capital C. Good to see the hair come back
She is cute with a capital C. Good to see the hair come back
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