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Emma Watson is a perky flower at the London premiere of her film

3 years agoby: Droz

Porcelain-like hottie Emma Watson did the London premiere of her movie THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER in fine fashion, doing the low cut, strapless look with her red carpet gown. That's some perfect skin right there. Not a blemish in sight. Now that her hair has grown back out, she's shed a great deal of that tomboy look that was holding her hotness back for awhile there. Poor misguided hotties and their temporary insanity with the scissors. Notice how they almost always go back to the long hair eventually. As someone who was himself a long-haired individual who eventually went back to regular grooming, I know how that first snip of the scissors feels. You've devoted years of time and energy to growing this mane on your crown, but now you're essentially throwing away the result of all that effort. It's a point of no return moment - no going back, no point in regret. You have no choice but to own that now sheared head. Probably a little easier to deal with such results for a guy, but surely there's a panic that sets in for women at some point, who are much more attached and beloved of their locks. No matter how much we might have disliked the effects of Emma's short hair, you have to respect her for having the guts to try it out.

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