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Emmanuelle Chriqui and Emily Osment are taking each other to the cleaners

Sep. 27, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

Hottie overload! Hottie overload! Uber-hotties Emmanuelle Chriqui and Emily Osment are apparently going to star in a show together called Cleaners. Hopefully, every single episode involves Emmanuelle and Emily wrestling in chocolate pudding, gravy and whipped cream for, like, ten minutes. I'd imagine they'd go to a commercial break after that, but upon returning, we'd see them in a giant bubble bath together cleaning each other off. I would definitely watch that. While I'm not sure how any character arcs would come into play, I would be willing to skip out on trivial things such as plot to see something like that. I've never known television shows to have a red carpet premiere, but it got the two of these girls to show up looking great, so I'm not going to question a good thing. I apologize, as some handsome douche ruins about two or three of these pictures, but I promise if you can just get past it and photoshop your face over his in your mind (this is a very important superpower if you haven't learned it yet), you'll be all set. Check out the pictures and enjoy the beauty, everyone. 

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Have you heard anything about this show Cleaners yet?


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