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Emmanuelle Chriqui celebrates cougars

4 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
Goddamn I hate this ultra-high resolution of some pictures. While it might be great when you're looking to find flaws in an otherwise perfect celebrity so that you can feel better about your miserable existence, the rest of the time it's a heart-breaking ordeal. Take, for example, my mistress Emmanuelle Chriqui. I have had the biggest girl crush on her for nearly 10 years now, from the way-back when she was just another pretty girl in 100 GIRLS. Seeing her on the red carpet for the promotion of the DVD release of something called COUGARS INC doesn't upset me because she is shown to be physically imperfect. It's that with the high quality of the images I can see that she's got a neon green piece of gum tucked behind one set of molars. If there's one thing that can make a chick gross in about 2 seconds flat, it's the snap-snap-snapping of gum. Christ, I'm cringing right now at the mere thought of being able to hear her chomping at it.

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10:10AM on 04/04/2011
I'll take her and the gum.
I'll take her and the gum.
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8:28AM on 04/04/2011
What a beauty.
What a beauty.
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