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Emmanuelle Chriqui has a three night stand in Sundance with some friends

Jan. 21, 2014by: Cherry Liquor

Emmanuelle Chriqui looks like a mistress. That's what I've always called her in my daydreams, whenever I'm plotting out which tasty treats would comprise my extravagant lifestyle should I be rich, famous and devoid of morals. I might pick a different wife, a different girlfriend but I'd always go back to Chriqui in the end, something that gets overlooked in the mistress department. They're often more dependable than the women who garner the public and/or jeweled proclamations.

Chriqui was on hand with the cast from THREE NIGHT STAND as the movie got its Sundance debut this weekend. The film centers on a man (Sam Huntington, best known from American TV remake of "Being Human") and his wife (Meagan Rath, the hot brunette next to Emmanuelle who has been doing time on that same show) spend some time at a ski lodge that the man's ex-girlfriend (Chriqui, surprise!) runs. Wow, wasn't I just saying that the mistress is always someone you go back to?

The movie, which was written and directed by Canadian Pat Kiely, was filmed in Montreal, where Chriqui is originally from.

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8:02AM on 01/21/2014
She is gorgeous
She is gorgeous
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