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Emmy Rossum is looking silky, silver, sultry and sexy

Jun. 9, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

If there's one thing Emmy Rossum should have known, it's that her wearing a long, silky dress would easily make me lose my mind and go crazy. That's exactly what she did, though, going to the 68th Annual Tony Awards. I'm sure she must've known that I'd write an article about her and I have to assume that she knew she'd get me sexually frustrated and get my gears turning if she wore this little number. While it doesn't show off all her goods, I think that's exactly what entices me so much about it. I know for a fact that her body is mind-blowing and the notion that I can't see all those awesome features without having to stare at her for a very long time is exactly what's making my hands shake and all that fun stuff. Oh, Emmy. You know exactly how to get me. Every time. In any case, while I'm not a terribly huge fan of so much makeup over Emmy's gorgeous face, it's hard to deny how beautiful she looks here, so instead of nitpicking, I'll just embrace anything and everything this lady has to offer. I like it. I like it A LOT.

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6:25PM on 06/09/2014
She's absolutely stunning in that dress.
She's absolutely stunning in that dress.
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