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Emmy Rossum is pretty sweet

Apr. 19, 2012by: Droz

I don't know what these photos of Emmy Rossum are for, and I don't really care. What's important is that she looks amazing in them and they highlight one of her best attributes, namely that gorgeous face of hers, specifically her eyes. Being as hot as she is and also the kind of girl who's not afraid to show you her rather impressive body whenever the script calls for it, it's easy to forget what's happening above the neck. I happen to think she's got a pair of the sweetest eyes out there. I'm a sucker for a big ole set of doe eyes and Emmy is exemplifying the exact reason why I feel that way. There's just some kind of magic happening there where the right glance can abate all suspicion and hesitation, make a guy gladly give her everything she wants and not ask for a thing. Funny how the right woman can do that to a guy. We're such big, dumb animals, aren't we?

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2:43PM on 04/20/2012
Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous woman.
Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous woman.
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