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Mar. 15, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
Emma Roberts is a cute girl. However, there's something non-special about her that causes me to believe that if she wasn't the daughter of Eric Roberts, or more importantly, the niece of Julia Roberts, people really wouldn't be paying as much attention to her as they do. She seems like another one of the innocent churned out Disney slash Nickelodeon tween chicks on the market. But, because of her lineage, she's posing in the recent issue of InStyle magazine. They've dolled her up and she looks cute enough, but I can't wait until this chick starts doing stuff which separates herself from her famous family name.

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Extra Tidbit: And what is up with those ugly-ass shoes? Did they really only have a couple pairs for her to wear for the shoot?
Source: Celebrity Snap
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2:37PM on 03/15/2010
This young lady is going to blow up mark my words! Future hottie
This young lady is going to blow up mark my words! Future hottie
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11:26AM on 03/15/2010
She is cute.
She is cute.
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