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English hottie Georgia May Foote is our tight little orange crush

2 years agoby: Droz

If you spend any time around here or watch a lot of BBC television, you way be like me in your love for English actress Georgia May Foote. I've been keeping tabs on her over the last few months, finding new things to enjoy in every new photo that gets snapped of her. It's a strange fascination for me, as I have never seen any of the UK TV shows she does and I have no idea if she's any good as an actress. I know very little about her at all, actually. All I know is that I like the way she looks. There's something about those hotties who bring equal portions of cute and hot, mixing them together into a tasty brew of sex appeal. Throw her native heritage into that mix and the fact that such a delicious package as this crafts her words in a silky smooth English accent and you've plotted direct route straight to my heart. I don't know what TV Choice is, but they're crazy if they're not choosing Georgia.

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Drool Back
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10:12PM on 09/11/2013
Great curves and great eyes.
Great curves and great eyes.
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8:50PM on 09/11/2013
shes beautiful
shes beautiful
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