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Enjoy a couple of random hotties in blue bikinis for a little Friday fun

Nov. 8, 2013by: Droz

I woke up this morning to a freezing cold house, which is a perfect reminder that it is totally not bikini season where I am. Also that I should have paid the electricity bill on time. Good thing then that we have places on Earth where bikinis are always welcome, as are the hotties that put them on. For instance, hotties like model Lisa Opie and 138 Water spokeshottie Jaclyn Swedberg who coincidentally wore virtually identical bikinis while relishing in being the sorts of ladies bikinis were intended for. I'm not sure if this hotties in bikinis thing is going to pay off for 138. They're just going nuts with the amount of lesser known hotties they're filming pouring overpriced water on themselves. Pretty soon they wont even have to bother trying to get their stuff in stores. They can just pawn their filtered tap water off on the vast army of obscure pieces of ass they've photographed. On the flip side, hotties in bikinis taking showers by the hotel pool will always have value. That's pretty close to seeing them taking an actual shower. If they have an ass as nice as Lisa, that's good enough for me.

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3:33AM on 11/10/2013
Oh Jacklyn I do love that cute little kitten.
Oh Jacklyn I do love that cute little kitten.
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