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Enjoy some more of bikinied Stephanie Seymour on holiday

1 year agoby: Droz

It's too bad we have to wait until the very end of the year to see so much of Stephanie Seymour doing her bikini thing down St. Barts way. Makes me wonder what it is she's so consumed with the rest of the year that she can't get away more and slip into some bikinis. Sure, she's got her whole comeback thing happening like so many of her 90s supermodel buddies. Still, I don't see her in all that much. Is it motherhood that's the problem? Too much to do with the kids? I don't think that's it, as mothers with far more work than her still manage to get away fairly regularly. Me, I think it's that billionaire husband of hers that keeps her so busy. Can you blame him? I doubt any man would or could grant her much spare time. Her days would be spent in desperate attempts to quench an unquenchable lust for her at all hours. That's a full time job, with plenty of overtime opportunities. Of course, all the benefits would come to the guy.

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Drool Back
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11:33PM on 12/30/2013
She's kept that figure so remarkably well.
She's kept that figure so remarkably well.
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