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Eva Amurri looks hot from all angles

Oct. 23, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

Recently, I was practically forced at gunpoint to watch THAT'S MY BOY (the latest Sandler movie I've seen since ZOHAN), and it was every bit as excruciatingly painful to watch as I'd expected. No one in their right mind should ever waste their time watching it, but there was one endearing factor in the beginning of the film, and that was the presence of the lovely Eva Amurri. Eva plays the teacher who gets herself knocked up by one of her students (Sandler's character), but every scene prior to her becoming pregnant features Eva being incredibly sexy. I really wasn't expecting to be so enlightened by her character, but after all the slow-motion and bikini shots, I had found a new hottie to love. Recent Sandler movies have reputation sprinkle incredibly gorgeous women all over the background, and throughout the cast, and it's obviously proved to mush the minds of movie-goers who continue to deliver him mountains of cash. That being said, I can't complain, because I find myself drooling at the online clips of these ladies, where I'm thankful they have a home. Otherwise I'd have to, you know, actually watch the films to my hottie fix.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna
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