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Eva in Heights

Jun. 24, 2010by: Randy the Ram

Eva Longoria should let her hair loose more often I think she looks sexier that way, maybe that's why I sometimes find her really hot and sometimes I don't. She's like my Almond Joy in Hottieland (best place EVER btw, where all men are equal but all women are HOT).

Longoria slipped on a tube dress and went to the Pantages theater in Hollywood for the opening of "In the Heights" a Tony award winning play that will soon be taking form in film. But who cares right? Im a man! Men don't care about no stinkin' theater! Unless it's a play about a chick showing us her tits! If you ever find yourself in San Diego don't forget to visit the Déjà Vu "theater" were you'll definitely enjoy all the "play" things. So judging by those pictures alone, would I go see one of those "plays" if the main "actress" was Eva Longoria Parker? With that petite body with the hips and the ass...  I'd say definitely yes.

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