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Eva Is Campari

Nov. 7, 2007by: Seth Gecko

You all probably remember back when the scrumptious Salma Hayek did an ad campaign for the Italian beverage creators called "Campari". That campaign resulted in some of the hottest photos and videos that Salma has ever been seen in to this day.

With that in mind, "Campari" has a new face to it's product and that face belongs one hot tamale, Eva Mendes. Her hotness has once again been captured in all it's glory and we have the photos to prove such a claim. What you see below are extremely high-resolution shots from the official "Campari" calendar for next year. There is a super-sexy shot of Eva for each month and we've put them in proper order. You might also recognize as well that each photo represents themes from a certain fairy tale. For example, the October photo shows Eva moving the strings of Pinocchio while wearing a sexy white dress. She can pull my strings anyday.

So if I were you, I'd take full advantage of these photos as we've received them exclusively. Enjoy the shots and to check out the promotional site, click here.

Click on each photo to enlarge!


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