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Even out on the streets of L.A. Minka Kelly looks ridiculously attractive

Aug. 20, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

You know what's odd? It almost kind of seems like every time I write about Minka Kelly it's about some sort of paparazzi thing. I wish Minka was hanging out in a black and white striped bikini hanging out by some extravagant swimming pool or if she were looking absolutely extravagant in some sort of magazine spread, but most of the time I find some pictures of her walking the streets taken by assholes with cameras. I'm sorry to do this to you, Minka, but maybe it's a compliment? You see, even though I wish it weren't under these circumstances, you're still so ridiculously beautiful that I have a hard time passing up the opportunity of writing about you. So…there that is. Here we can see Minka at Bristol Farms looking totally sexy in a casual striped dress. I'm not even gonna make the "hey, it must be cold over there in Bristol Farms" joke cause I think the pictures speak for themselves. And that was a way for me to say the joke without really saying it. You know? In any case, good for her for looking do damn beautiful all the time. I'm gonna keep looking at these pics to justify everything I've said. Good day to you! 

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11:12PM on 08/20/2014
Quickly became one of my top celebrity crushes following Almost Human.
Quickly became one of my top celebrity crushes following Almost Human.
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