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Everyone is falling over themselves to kiss Katy Perry's ass

Dec. 5, 2012by: Droz

Katy Perry is Billboard Magazine's WOTY for 2012, which seems to have prompted everyone in the recording business to fall down on their knees and smooch her beautiful ass via a series of ads placed amidst the Billboard article. Can't really blame them. You don't need a big award as an excuse to want to give a big, wet one to that butt. Still, that's some damn relentless ass kissing there. I haven't seen such a gross spectacle of exaggerated gushing since Kim Jong-Un tied his shoes and the whole country broke into spontaneous fits of weeping and celebration. Whatever, at least it was a fine excuse for a nice little retrospective of some of Katy's finer moments in front of a camera. Didn't anyone think to make a congratulations ad with one of her especially sexy pics? Nevermind, I'll take care of that with a special award I've invented just for Katy.

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Drool Back
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5:09AM on 12/06/2012
haha nice award Droz :D
haha nice award Droz :D
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9:50PM on 12/05/2012
That'd be cool if she could lactate.
That'd be cool if she could lactate.
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