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EXCL: Terminator clip!

May. 7, 2009by: Seth Gecko

With just over two weeks left to go ladies and gents, I believe there is a silent box-office hit on the horizon and probably a damn good movie at the same time (which can be quite rare these days). The film I'm referring to is the much-anticipated "Terminator Salvation" movie which will be the first chapter in a new trilogy of the classic James Cameron franchise that first amazed us 25 years ago. This new film from director McG looks like it has properly captured the tone and action of the story as we're now being teleported into the human vs. machine war zone as resistance leader John Connor (played by the always awesome Christian Bale) helps us smash those metal mother-f#ckers into junk.

With great anticipation of a summer flick comes amazing marketing material and we've certainly hit the motherload tonight. Thanks to the head studio for the film, we now have an exclusive clip from the flick featuring rising actress and hottie Moon Bloodgood as she beats the crap out of a few pricks trying to steal her meds while looking extremely HOT at the same time. I see many great things for this particular babe so to see this brand-new clip, you can either check it out below in the video player window or you can download the HD version by clicking here. Finally, in true MovieHotties spirit we've collected together some of Moon's hottest photos which you can also check out below the article. "Terminator Salvation" hits theatres everywhere on May 21, 2009.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: I hope to hell that her supposed "topless" scene is still in the final cut of the movie.


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8:53PM on 05/07/2009
Thumbs up on the pictures but the clip is lame.
Thumbs up on the pictures but the clip is lame.
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