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Explorin' Hayek

Mar. 4, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
We all know that the sexy beast which is Salma Hayek has traveled into the land of MILFhood, but she's found a way to stay to her Lainta roots and promote something educational for young tots like her daughter. How is that, you ask? By showing up bearing her cleavage at an event for the show "Dora the Explorer" from the Nickelodeon network. I wanna be a little kid and have Salma's pillows as my childhood memories instead of wimpy old Big Bird and his whiny, co-dependent woolly mammoth friend.

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Extra Tidbit: Remember when there was that church group who started all the shit about Bert & Ernie being gay? Seriously, ruin children's programming, why don'tcha?
Source: Hollywood Tuna
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1:38PM on 03/05/2010
Still a 10 to me (except for the part where she's bangin' a French guy)
Still a 10 to me (except for the part where she's bangin' a French guy)
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2:51PM on 03/04/2010
In fine form.
In fine form.
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