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Fans go crazy for Shailene Woodley as she promotes The Fault in Our Stars

May. 8, 2014by: Cherry Liquor
For those who are huge fans of the book, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS will be a winning experience when they go to check it out in its movie form. How do I know? A couple months back I was lucky enough to get the chance to see it in an early advanced preview screening (it's awesome and fully establishes Ansel Elgort as a charming young genius actor) and while you might think that the diehards behind the DIVERGENT film were nuts, those who have put TFIOS on the Best Sellers list since the book was released in January 2012 are bound to put those dystopian fools to shame. John Green, the book's author, and the cast of the movie were on hand in Miami to a screaming crowd's utter delight, taking pictures and answering questions about the movie. The film will get its release on June 6th, just in time for the young kids getting out of school for summer break.

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Source: Daily Mail


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8:16AM on 05/08/2014
She is drop-dead stunning and her hair makes her look even better.
She is drop-dead stunning and her hair makes her look even better.
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