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Fast & Daddy-ous

Jun. 6, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

Pretty chick, right? Not like you'd know who she is or would care all that much. Just another model who happened to bang Vin Diesel. The biggest difference between Paloma Jimenez and all the other women who have slid in and out of the bald one's bed is that she's given birth to his child.

This is the way that all babies of celebrities should be handled. No attention from the media, no pictures constantly running of their growing bellies (although I do like to see the Mommy bewbies). But I also have to wonder... if the baby girl was born back on April 2nd of this year and we're just now hearing about it, does that mean that Vin Diesel no longer has a noteworthy career?

Nah, that couldn't be the case. He's still hot and he's going to be starring the fourth installment of the FAST & THE FURIOUS. So it has to be because Vin didn't believe he was the father. Or that Paloma is really a man, and he didn't want people to know that there was a second pregnant man out there. Yeah, something like that...

Source: People Magazine


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11:59AM on 06/06/2008
Daughter of Badass? Good on him.
Daughter of Badass? Good on him.
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