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Fergie busts out some Monroe-esque curves on the red carpet

Dec. 8, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
I have to say that NEW YEAR'S EVE looks like as big of a pile of dogshit as VALENTINE'S DAY was, just on a different "holiday." I fail to see how either of those days are holidays, other than the fact that I at least get a paid day of work off from the day job for the first of the year. I think anyone who's ever been dumped, cheated on, traded in for an ugly piece of fat trash (not that I know from experience or anything) should be able to get Valentine's Day off from the day job paid as well. The only thing that my rambling has to do with this post is that Fergie showed up with some healthy curves on her, to support her husband, one of the multiple "big" names that are appearing in this movie. Cheers to those of you who take your moms to go see it.

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9:33AM on 12/08/2011
She looks like a hooker.
She looks like a hooker.
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2:41PM on 12/08/2011
hahahahaha was literally about to type that exact comment
hahahahaha was literally about to type that exact comment
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