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FHM South Africa would like to introduce you to Nicole Neal and her two breast friends

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
I think it's interesting that this double issue of South Africa's FHM is shown as being the one to tell you about the hottest 50 babes of all time and uses Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Kylie Minogue and Adriana Lima as the side pieces and then puts newcomer Nicole Neal front and center as their introduction. What does this mean, when you try to look at it from a more sociological perspective? After all, this IS the South African version of the magazine and there are no black women on it. Which is a very racist statement of me to make, right? Because Charlize Theron is South African. (Yet she didn't get a side art mention... odd.) Does this represent that even though there have been a number of babes over the years, there's always going to be a new chick to feature? That babes have shelf lives or carefully dusted shelves in our memories which are otherwise too short term to process anything other than new flesh? It makes me think of the old saying that men don't cheat because it's younger pussy, they cheat because it's different pussy. Hmm. Nice rack on this Nicole chick, though.

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Source: FHM


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10:29AM on 09/20/2012

What happened in the last pic?

Her boobs shrunk??
Her boobs shrunk??
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9:31AM on 09/20/2012
Any friends of hers are friends of mine
Any friends of hers are friends of mine
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