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First look at BRIDESMAIDS with Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph

08.16.2010by: Randy the Ram

I love women, I love hot sexy women (who doesn't?) but if there's a quality I love in women more than the ability to hypnotize me with their chest, it's a sense of humor. We see thousands of delicious women around these parts, great legs, great ass, nice rack, a beautiful face, qualities that make Randy a randy sonnababitch but when a chick can make me laugh then I'm in love. That's why I love girls like Anna Faris, Elizabeth Banks, Emma Stone, Portia di Rossi, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and even girls like Nicolle Sullivan and the unusual Kristen Schaal drive me nuts just because of their goofiness. There's of course one comedienne who has risen to steal every scene of every movie she's been in as well as being resposible for saving the endangered species known as Saturday Night Live. Her name is Kristen Wiig and she isn't too bad looking either. Kirsten has cowriten and teamed up with team Apatow to produce the film BRIDESMAIDS which features a nice ensemble of funny and good looking people. Today we got our first look at the film.

From left to right, first there's a fat chick who probably paid to get invited to the party... I'm kidding! I don't mind the chubby chicks, I think that's Melissa McCarthy but now being totally honest if that really is McCarthy all I can say is that she has seen better days. Then there's Ellie Kemper who has been a great addition to The Office cast as Erin and she's been slowly building up some funny cred. There's Rose Byrne "the bridesmaid from hell" who wants to take over the maid of honor duties, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Maya Rudolph plays Lillian who's the bride to be and the best friend of Anna played by Kristen Wiig who has been asked to be maid of honor and gets extremely competitive with the rest of the bridesmaids.

''It's more a story about friendship than a 'wedding movie" says Wiig (I hope so, says I) ''There's this weird pressure in society, and in a lot of these kinds of movies, that says you need to be married. We were careful about avoiding that. Although I will say weddings can be a beautiful thing. I've definitely cried at my share.''

I think considering the track record of most ladies here who are also costarring alongside John Hamm, Diane Weist and "Little Britain"'s Matt Lucas, we can look forward to having a good time with BRIDESMAIDS were our wives and girlfriends won't have to drag us to go see it.


Source: EW



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9:52AM on 08/17/2010

Kristen Wiig is fine.

And so is Maya Rudoplh. Bam.
And so is Maya Rudoplh. Bam.
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8:56PM on 08/16/2010
Jon Hamm is one of my favorite actors. I'm in.
Jon Hamm is one of my favorite actors. I'm in.
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