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Fit hottie Ana Braga shoves a bunch of potassium in her mouth for us to see

Apr. 28, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

I have no idea what super-mega hottie Ana Braga is doing exercising in the park dressed like this. Is she trying to cause a traffic accident or a misunderstood breakup between girlfriend and easily distracted boyfriend? Or perhaps she's trying to conduct hotness so hot that it'll throw off some secret Russian satellite aimed directly at us? I'm not sure what the case is, but it's probably working. Whenever I dress like this and go do yoga in the park, it normally brings upon spontaneous vomiting and eye-gouging (self inflicted). I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but as much as I work out, I don't think I'll really ever get to Ana's level. Her body is pretty ridiculous. Her shorts that are allowing her booty to just pour out from under it is an eye catcher for sure. The fact that she's stuffing those bananas sensuously in her mouth (or maybe she's just doing it normally; I would pretty much think anything this gal did was inherently sexual) really isn't helping matters, or my pant wetness. Again, who knows why or what or how she's doing this. It's a great way to kick off a Monday, so I'll just leave it at that.

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5:08AM on 05/01/2014

She sure ...

... likes her bananas.
... likes her bananas.
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