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Forget the cowbell, this week needs more Tiffani Thiessen goodness

Aug. 1, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Since she's been looking particularly tasty lately, Tiffani Thiessen legging her way about New York. The actress was in town to talk to Howard Stern on his Sirius FM show, where the gangly old Jew got her to open up about the real details behind what went down with the other cast members of the original "Beverly Hills, 90210." Back in 1994, when Thiessen joined the cast as Valerie Malone, she wasn't very well received, having been hired on after a tension-filled departure from original cast member Shannen Doherty. Once the initial problems were smoothed over, Thiessen reported that she and fellow co-star Jennie Garth became really close friends, even saying that she was present at the birth of Garth's first child. Stern pressed her for more information, asking why the two were no longer in communication with one another. "We had a falling out and we grew apart," she explained. "I was the one who was hurt, let's just say that. I was the one who was hurt. It's funny, our relationship started really rough and ended the way it started."

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Source: On Celebrity

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10:30AM on 08/01/2012

9021OH MY !!

She looks great here . Fuck Jennie Garth , attention whore .
She looks great here . Fuck Jennie Garth , attention whore .
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