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Former child star is one hot grown woman at Think Like a Man Too premiere

Jun. 11, 2014by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know where I'd say I remember her most from, the spelling bee movie where Laurence Fishburne acted like a black Ben Kingsley ala SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER or that I-bet-you-were-expecting-Fred-Durst-to-implode-as-a-director sports movie THE LONGSHOTS. I know it's not from her stint on "True Jackson, VP," the Nickelodeon show that followed the other, bigger draws, "Victorious" and "iCarly." But it seems as if I'm going to start remembering Keke Palmer for her grown-ass woman cleavage on the red carpet of the premiere of THINK LIKE A MAN TOO. Palmer is going to be turning 21-years old later this summer in August, so she's well within legal parameters. Especially when you consider that she's going to be tackling upcoming roles in films such as THE PIMP. Then again, she's also voicing a character in the (oh my gawd, I'm so happy that they're making another one of these movies based off the first one that wasn't even all that great in the first place) ICE AGE 5, so the girl knows where to butter up that paycheck.

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7:43AM on 06/11/2014
Yep, Keke's a babe. Very pretty. I watched way too much Nickelodeon.
Yep, Keke's a babe. Very pretty. I watched way too much Nickelodeon.
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