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Foxy Fox Spread

Apr. 22, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

Which came first: the Fox or the Babe? Between the real-life red fox that gorgelicious actress Megan Fox is holding for a little known publication called "Paw Print" magazine and the cutesy little piggy that got to smell like Foxy p*ssy bacon after being carefully cradled between Megan's legs, one thing's for sure: this bitch gets me to write the longest, most drawn out and inexplicably worded run-on sentences ever.

She's got the movie HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS & ALIENATE PEOPLE coming out later this year (hopefully we can watch her just whoop the crap out of Kirsten Dunst and get her to stop acting, or at least teach her the art of proper make-up application) as well as being in current production of the movie JENNIFER'S BODY, where we all will get to look at Megan's Meow Mix.

Until then, enjoy these pics and try not to salivate. (I can really hear that bird saying, "Polly wanna kiss from them big luscious lips!")

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: That David Silver douche is the luckiest f*ck alive.

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