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Frankie Sandford is cute enough for the whole week, sticks to the Saturdays

Jan. 10, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
I had no clue that the UK had unleashed another Spice Girls on us. At least, that's what The Saturdays appear to be, from the brief looking up about them that I did. I mainly zoned in on how cute this Frankie Sandford (or Francesca Sandford, if you go looking her up on IMDB) chick is. Sorta looks like a young, short-haired Jennifer Beals to me and I love me some Jennifer Beals but not in The L Word kinda way, but the... awe, forget it. For the record, what is it about pop singers and Manchester footballers? I don't pretend to understand much about soccer, hell... I'm from the U.S. and I call it soccer. But much like Vicotoria ended up Poshing with David Beckham, it seems that Frankie has crossing it with Wayne Bridge, a Manchester footballer. If he's as big as Beckham (man, I really love those Calvin Klein ads), I can't tell either, since I'm an American and I judge footballer popularity on how quickly it makes it over the pond, which Beckham did to a disturbing degree, even prior to marrying that human stick figure. As for Frankie being at the 2013 TCA Winter Tour, it seems that it's because her girl group has a new TV series getting introduced, something called "Chasing the Saturdays." Those crazy Brits.

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11:22AM on 01/10/2013


Digging the pixie cut for once.
Digging the pixie cut for once.
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