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Freida's Tall Dark Stranger Stills Will Give You Chills

Jul. 12, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
When you're Freida Pinto and your boyfriend just starred in a box office surprise hit (let's face it, after all the initial bad reviews, I doubt many were expecting TLA to do as well as it has), how can you step up your game so that the fame game is on an even plane? Star in the latest Woody Allen flick alongside Josh Brolin, who might be limping along from the flop of JONAH HEX, but is still hitting his stride as an adult actor. These stills from YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER don't look romantic at all to me, so let's hope that the aging director wasn't going for that vibe. Nah, seeing the scruffy Brolin staring across between apartments to watch Pinto play guitar is the kind of stuff that most young women would care to avoid, not encourage. We'll have to see how this movie pans out, but Pinto is sure looking like the hot treat that she teased us with in her film debut.

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Source: Coming Soon
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11:02AM on 07/12/2010
Beautiful lady.
Beautiful lady.
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3:57AM on 07/12/2010

She's purdy

I like her outfit too. lol
I like her outfit too. lol
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