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French actress Frederique Bel adopts the cheesy 80s villian look at Cannes

1 year agoby: Droz

This has been an interesting year for Cannes red carpet attention-grabbing. Already they've had hotties flashing various forbidden body parts or outright showing off their goodies through sheer clothing or just not wearing clothing at all. I suppose that's not much of a surprise. Cannes is the biggest stage in the world right now and every celebrity or wannabe celebrity attention hound on the planet is desperate to get there and show off for throngs of camera flashes. Being an international event, a lot of these people are fairly unknown to us in the States. No big surprise there either. If they're speaking not English consistently in their movies, most Americans could care less.

I think French hottie and actress Frederique Bel deserves a little recognition for her Cannes red carpet fashions. We've featured Frederique and her penchant for dressing like she just stepped out of a CONAN movie before. This time Frederique was rocking some sexy leg action in her double slit gown with the weird boot shoes things, all mixed with that exotic French girl vibe that makes their ladies so damn hot. I'm amazed she didn't face plant with all that material hanging down just begging to get caught under those high heels. That's just how good she is at being a drop dead gorgeous red carpet hottie. Good stuff.

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Drool Back
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9:02PM on 05/22/2014
That get-up is really sexy and just the right side of silly for me.
That get-up is really sexy and just the right side of silly for me.
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