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Friday Eyegasm: Last minute shopping edition

Dec. 17, 2010by: Lester Diamond
The weekend before Christmas is upon us, so for the majority of us, we'll be out with the masses getting that final leg of gift shopping done. Unless you're one of those smug bastards that love to throw out, "I get all my shopping done before Thanksgiving, it's soooo much easier..." while I'm sucking down Vodka to wash away the pain of screaming children, impatient Mothers, clueless cashiers, picked through merchandise, and 20 unwanted conversations with folks from 10 years ago (who swear it was like yesterday when we last saw one another). People who plan that far ahead usually give the shittiest gifts anyways. I had an Aunt who practiced that shopping belief. Needless to say, when it came to getting underwear, Totes socks, oddly flavored candies, and the shittiest LCD games imaginable...she had me covered every year. My favorite gift giver? My uncle who felt guilty for never coming around. Bamm! Nintendo game and see you next year kiddo! Happy Friday and Happy Hour!

Top: Carla Morgane

Bottom (moving down): Carla Morgane, Christina Lindley, Mary Castro, Jamie Easton, Danica Thrall, Jennifer England, Talia Power, Carin Ashley

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Christina Lindley has fulfilled my food porn quota, while Mary Castro has produced one of my top 5 cleavage shots (at least for this year).


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9:42PM on 12/19/2010
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