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Generous Gillian Anderson cleavage livens up any party

Nov. 1, 2012by: Droz

Gillian Anderson seems to enjoy this look. We've seen her showing off the cleavage more than once when out at some event, like this one for Harper's Bazaar's Woman of the Year gala. The novelty of Gillian making with the bewbage might not register with you youngins, but it will for those of us fans of Gillian's greatest claim to fame, The X-Files. See, as Scully, Gillian never showed off even the slightest bit of elicit skin. She was always wearing that conservative suit while out hunting for aliens, forever buttoned up, the real woman beneath totally sealed off from the world. Now that she's just her again, she can be free to be the seductive hottie she actually always has been. You might not know this, but Gillian has always had a bit of a wild side. A punk girl when she was younger, she got in trouble, had some lesbian relationships. Quite the contrast to Scully.

Speaking of The X-Files, there's been some scuttlebutt about making a third movie. I don't know about that one. The last one blew and it seems like a long time since this show had any currency with popular culture. If they do make a third one, it had better settle things - explain what the hell is going on with the aliens, put to bed the mystery and resolve something after 20+ years wondering what the f*ck was happening. Anything else would be pointless.

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