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Genevieve Morton hangs out at the Sports Illustrated club

Feb. 20, 2014by: Droz

They're really saturating the interwebs with Sports Illustrated swimsuit stuff in recent days. Frankly, I think they're overdoing it. Every single model in the issue has to show up at 3 different parties and events every night, thus requiring everyone to post 20 different pictures of every single model at the 3 different parties, every day. It makes it tough to find much of anything else to show you. Yet amidst all that insane model flesh flying about in endless promotional parties and red carpet events, there were a few choice moments that stood out. One of them was model, Genevieve Morton doing some kind of SI nightclub thing along with her fellow models from this year's issue. Now, Genevieve has looked better in the past. Way too much eye make-up happening there. However, you got to admire the impressive titty action on display. Hell, not even Kate Upton was up to this much literal titillation on this night. Which is ironic, since Genevieve seems to be following Kate's playbook from a few years back by showing off as much boob as possible. Kate has earned enough hottie cred to bypass those displays. Genevieve is still paying her dues though. It's safe to say her check cleared on this night.

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Source: NSFW


Drool Back
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2:20AM on 02/21/2014
Hangs out indeed.
Hangs out indeed.
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