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"Grace" Hitting DVD!

10.19.2007by: Seth Gecko

dvdheadernearinggrace.jpgGet ready for a festival of love as Jordana Brewster's new independent drama, "Nearing Grace", hits DVD shelves on October 23, 2007. We love Jordana here at MovieHotties so we're always really excited to see one of her new films release due to the fact that she's so friggin' gorgeous and that she always gives a great performance no matter what the part may be. Finally after being released in select theatres over a year ago, "Nearing Grace" can now be a part of our ever-growing collection. In case you're not exactly what sure what the story is about, here's a quick summary:

Did you ever wish you could get the hottest girl in school? This is the story of how non-jock Henry (Gregory Smith) indeed gets the girl, Grace (Jordana Brewster), but not without complications! Set against the backdrop of a family's recent loss of its mother/wife -- Henry, his father Shep (David Morse) and brother Blair (David Moscow) are all set tragically adrift. The time is the late '70s, when music, lifestyles and sexuality were undergoing tremendous change in American society. The death of their mother/wife removes the anchor to this suburban New Jersey family, letting each member drift into those swift-moving social currents.

It's a deep and meaningful tale that involves some very well developed characters. To celebrate the release of the DVD next Tuesday, we've received a few exclusive promotional photos from the film that feature Jordana looking her absolute best through various scenes in the film. So check out all the great photos below and to order the DVD online, click here to head on over to

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