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Green Alien Chicks!

Mar. 23, 2009by: Seth Gecko

Put on your fake pointy ears, grab your model ships and set your fake phasers to stun cause "Star Trek" is finally arriving in just over six weeks. I've practically been standing in line for this movie in my mind ever since production was first announced a while back and after all the footage I've seen and heard about, I think we're in for one hell of an experience come May 8th. I've been a Trekkie since as long as I can remember and to see the franchise rebooted on such an epic scale is definitely a special thing to me.

With only a month and a half to go until the big release, you can pretty much guarantee that the legendary Paramount Studios has begun some major promotions. To start it all off, the studio held a huge promotional party in L.A. featuring geeks, hippies and of green alien chicks! That's right gents, a ton of hot ladies were completely covered in green paint and threw on some of the hottest (and most revealing) bikinis imaginable and became the big hit of the party by entertaining the fellow guests with t-shirts, posters and lapdances (I wish the lapdances part was true). If the great Captain James Tiberius Kirk was a real man, I don't think he would have missed this party for the world (except maybe to avoid all the drunk hippies and stoners who attended as well).

For some sweet coverage of the party, has posted some amazing photos of the intergalactic party and we're really excited to bring you a bunch of their exclusive photos here on MovieHotties for all of you to enjoy. To browse through the rest of the shots, be sure to check out the website by clicking here and watch out for the big event when the movie releases worldwide on May 8, 2009. Live long and prosper!

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: is currently selling a replica of Captain Kirk's famous bridge chair. That's the perfect collectible for impressing the ladies.


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