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Greene & Her Coffee

Mar. 31, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
What is it with these babes and their java? Or what is it about the fact that the paparazzi always manage to get candids of actresses as they are either: A) leaving a coffee shop B) leaving or currently in a nail salon C) feeding the parking meter or D) Pumping gas? Where are the candid shots of these women as they come strolling out of a gym's sauna? Where are the candids of them having to tie up their bikini tops before turning over in the sunlight on the beach? Why is it that every beach photoshoot looks staged or hightlights some horrific aspect to otherwise lovely looking women? Anyhow, Ashley Greene looks like a cute little babe, even if she's always caught looking so casual as she intakes her caffeine.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna

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5:49PM on 03/31/2010
Just her doing normal things and she looks hot hot
Just her doing normal things and she looks hot hot
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11:34AM on 03/31/2010

Screw Twilight

However, I like her.
However, I like her.
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