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Guess what Ali Larter will be ruining soon?

Jul. 21, 2010by: Cherry Liquor

If your first answer to that question is the upcoming RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, don't fret. That marvel of 3-D technology (I'm being supercilious) is already completely ruined by Anderson. No, Ali Larter has jumped on the baby train. The 34-year old actress recently married actor Hayes MacArthur (he was the dumb red-neck type character in THE GAME PLAN, for those of you who have seen it) in August of last year and said in an interview that she knew 3 weeks into dating him that she wanted to have his babies. Seeing as how "Heroes" was recently canceled, looks like she's going to have the time on her hands to feel free to ruin that body. Then again... she might gain some MILF tittays out of the deal.

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10:34AM on 07/21/2010

Gorgeous gal!

Ali Larter is very hot to me! A natural beauty. Love her!
Ali Larter is very hot to me! A natural beauty. Love her!
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9:06AM on 07/21/2010

she is NOT pretty

i've never found the appeal
i've never found the appeal
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