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Halle Berry is hot for the Russians

Dec. 20, 2012by: Droz

Acclaimed, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has had quite a roller coaster ride in her personal life lately. Controversies seem to haunt her. You might remember a few years back when she did that hit and run with her car and somehow got out of that. Then there's all the chaos in her romantic life, which has hardly ceased since she got big, culminating in the latest insanity with her new guy beating the shit out of her old guy. Such things make it kind of tough to keep her talent as an actress or her impressive longevity as a hottie in mind - not when all this nonsense keeps floating around in the media. More than a few previously huge stars have had their careers destroyed thanks to a lot of media coverage about their bad behavior. You'd think someone with so much to lose, like Halle, would be more mindful of her behavior in the light of such things. Just another confirmation that being beautiful and talented as an actor are not automatic indicators of intelligence.

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7:43PM on 12/20/2012


The riper the berry! But damn I wish Halle would rock some long hair for a change!
The riper the berry! But damn I wish Halle would rock some long hair for a change!
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