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Happy B-Day Jess!

7 years agoby: Seth Gecko

We at would like to take a moment and wish a happy birthday to a very special woman who is dear to our hearts. The super-hot and magnificent Jessica Biel is celebrating her 26th birthday today and we're very happy that she's doing well. I almost can't believe that she's so young still but hey, she'll probably look the way she does now when she's 50. So in celebration of this wonderful occasion, enjoy this terrific gift from us to the fans which comes in the form of smokin' hot photos of her over the past few years.

I would offer myself as a gift to Jessica and emerge from a chocolate cake but I doubt she would pay any attention to me so I guess we'll have a SEXY PARTY instead. She deserves everything for all the movies, photoshoots, sexy candids, beach photos and everything else she has provided us over many years. Once again, happy birthday Jess and we wish you many more! If you want to give your own birthday greeting or just talk about Jessica, click here to head on over to the forums.

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