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Happy Birthday to Bianca Lawson, our second favorite Slayer

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
Without giving away any spoilers, I wonder if (new to our Movie Hotties Gallery!!!!) Bianca Lawson has any regrets over not being featured in the season ending of last night's "Pretty Little Liars." After all, she was instrumental in helping the hot lesbian character (played by Shay Mitchell) to come out to her parents. But it seems that a life of second banana has been what Ms Lawson has ended up with, most memorably when she stepped into the shoes of Kendra, the slayer sent after they thought Buffy had kicked the blood-filled bucket. Bianca is the daughter of actor Richard Lawson, a man most recently seen hysterically playing his cool while his upper-class kid pretended he was a rapper from the 'hood in Chris Lilley's hysterical series, "Angry Boys." It was Chris Pine who talked about how prolific his family had been in the "working actor" world (dad and grandmother were both long-time actors who showed up in minor reoccurring roles on a lot of stuff), but I think Bianca has a firm grip on it as well. Personally, I'd like to wish her a (surprising!) 34TH birthday, congratulate her on still looking young and fine enough to book teenager roles and say that she'll never be the second fiddle to me.

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