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Happy Endings and B in Apt 23 use nudity to sell their current seasons

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
I started following the Beek when I watched one episode of "Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23," because I loved how it appeared he was having a blast making fun of his former teen glory. (Another great example of a formerly hottie-hot-hot dude mocking his own built image is Matt LeBlanc knocking it out of the park on "Episodes.") I can't say that I found the show to be worth the time to make a slot in my week to watch, but I've been paying more attention to James Van der Beek ever since and the guy is dryly funny and worth a Twitter look, if you haven't already. I understand that a lot of you like "Happy Endings" because it gives Elisha Cuthbert a chance to re-hottify herself in a less obnoxious role than the one she had on "24," but when I look at the poster with the cast in bed, I know those things surrounding them are supposed to be feathers, as if from a pillow fight... yet they look a little too similar to used condoms tossed lazily around the bed by last-call hookups. Wait... does the current youthful generation even use condoms anymore? Seems like there's been an onslaught of unplanned celebrity pregnancies recently, making me wonder if anti-condom is a trend.

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