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Hayden a Hermit

7 years agoby: Cherry Liquor

File this under "Shit I Don't Buy." And I'm not talking about Cheetos or Funyuns. I'm talking about Hayden However-You- Spell-Her-Last-Name and her claims that fame is turning her into a hermit. "I stay at home. I go from garage to garage, and keep myself out of sight," the young Claire Bennett claims. Which is pretty funny, considering that she's been in the business since she was 11 months old and didn't seem to have a problem with trying to get noticed up until she DID get noticed.

I'd be willing to wager that a great deal of this pressure comes from people not really being all that excited over her dating her 30-year old co-star Milo Why-Do-They-All-Have-To- Have-Hard-To-Spell-Last-Names. (Hell, I think his last name actually has that many letters in it.) The 18-year old Hayden recently admitted the romance about a day after she officially turned 18, and despite her claims of wanting to stay in the dark, she's still seen cavorting around town with Milo during their "Heroes" writer's strike downtime.

That, and her love of swimsuits. Any chick who sets herself up for paparazzi attention by frolicking on the beach in something bright and tiny isn't looking to have her privacy guarded. Chalk it all up to seeing her be the next LiLo in a few years. *sigh* They'll never learn.

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Extra Tidbit: I'm on Team "That Funny-Or-Die" video was f*cking LAME. (And there were more swimsuit pics, but even I started feeling a little dirty after 5 minutes of pouring over them. And yes, I can copy and paste their last names, but I don't feel like it.)
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