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Hayden & Ashley & Victoria & Jessica & Sofia & Debby & Carrie all hit up the end of 2012 with hot Twitwhograms

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
Why is it so unfair that when there's one hot sibling, the other one turns out to be equally hot... or completely the opposite? Seems to be the case for Victoria Justice and her sister, while they were trimming the tree over the holiday season. Not sure what the girl's name is and could look it up if I wanted to, but I think that in this family, Vicki is the one who is supposed to get all the attention.

Then there are the bikini'ed women who have graced us with some jealousy inducing shots. Not because they have those awesome bodies, but because they can afford to travel to where it's still bikini weather. Sofia Vergara hit up a boat with no "Modern Family" baby bump in sight. Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale shared her incredible view from her vacation getaway, as well as an incredible view of her taut tummy.

Then there was Panties, as she did the goofball face with a young family member and posed in the mirror like any typical young woman her age. (Kudos on doing that shot and posting it with no make-up on.) Jessica Simpson decided to show us the best of her pregnancy attributes, playing up the cleavage and tucking away the bump. Then there's Debby Ryan trying on a blonde wig to see what response she'd get from fans and Carrie Keagan teasing us with her firm body and lovely poolside view. If only we were all so lucky.

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7:56AM on 12/28/2012
Victoria and Debby look the best.
Victoria and Debby look the best.
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