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Hayden Panettiere goes tight & see thru to sell redneck fabulous to zee Germans

Jun. 5, 2013by: Droz
Hayden Panettiere was over in Germany doing promo stuff for her Nashville show, apparently super excited to do so. Hayden looks like a fun girl who knows how to relax and enjoy life and not take anything too seriously. That's a good thing, as perfectionists might have a little trouble being on a show like Nashville. Disappointment has to ensue for those demanding perfection from a show exploring the sordid lives of country singers. Interesting that the Germans would have any interest in this kind of show. Is country music big over there? Germans can identify with that whole cowboy hats and pick-ups lifestyle, can they?

I suppose those things are no longer a prerequisite to country music anymore, as county singers and the demographic their music appeals to have got to be the most dissimilar group of people ever. You see these country singers looking immaculate and coiffed with Gucci shit, expensive cars and vacation homes. Maybe they got a cowboy hat on, just to fit the mold a little better. Meanwhile, the people who listen to their music are out roping steers or sweating it out on a construction site or standing in line at Wal-mart wearing stained sweat pants and cigarette t-shirts with a cart full of spam and spaghettios. Makes me wonder what the hell these people have to say to one another. Perhaps they don't even listen to the lyrics anymore. As long as the song has a bunch of twangy shit in it, they're fine with it.

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Drool Back
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12:28PM on 06/06/2013
Great boob-job and a very tight body. Go Hayden
Great boob-job and a very tight body. Go Hayden
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10:32AM on 06/06/2013

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