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Heather Graham picks a short dress to sneak back into our hearts

Nov. 8, 2010by: Lester Diamond
It looks like Heather Graham is making a concentrated effort to get back into the public eye. I was just commenting a little over a week ago how she's disappeared since her bit role in THE HANGOVER, but here she is showing up at a film fest in a very short (yet tastefully slutty) black dress. I scanned IMDB and it looks like her work plate is rather full. She has about 7-8 projects in various forms of production (granted, some might be direct to DVD with Val Kilmer), so she's clearly not afraid to put in some elbow grease when it comes to her career (or get the knees dirty). Jokes aside, I like Heather. I wasn't crazy about her when she debuted, but I'm a sucker for a woman playing the Blonde ditz. I think it's a market she can continue to successfully tap from here on out (if Anna Faris ever loosens her death grip on the roles available). Plus, for a 40 year old woman, Heather is aging extremely well. I guess it's like how that saying goes, "40 is the new 30", or is that just something old people say when they refuse to grow up?

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12:10AM on 11/09/2010
Yep - she's still hot.
Yep - she's still hot.
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6:09PM on 11/08/2010
I can never get enough Heather Graham
I can never get enough Heather Graham
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