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Helen Flanagan wears bikinis, can't stop munching on her lip

Sep. 25, 2013by: Droz

Here's British bombshell Helen Flanagan posing in and partially out of bikinis for the French edition of FHM magazine. I've heard folks complain about Helen, talking about how vapid a person she is and how talentless an actress she is and all the rest of that. I wouldn't know. Other than her magazine spreads and the occasional candid paparazzi pics, we don't get much else of Helen over here in the States. Based solely on that admittedly limited content, I can't honestly think of anything to complain about with her. No cause for me to get all fussy. She really should stop snacking on her lip though. She's just not going to look right without that. Also, she better not get caught with Megan Fox's Marilyn tattoo. Megan's probably wondering where that thing went. Things could get ugly there, especially if Megan's 90210 boy gets involved. God knows we're all terrified of him.

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Source: FHM

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