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Here Comes Salma Hayek's Boom

Oct. 10, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

As childish as that headline may be, I still consider myself to have too much integrity or dignity to step foot in Kevin James's latest vehicle, HERE COMES THE BOOM. Actually, stepping into any vehicle with James is a dangerous move, as the vehicle might tip over. If he still has any "PAUL BLART" luck, BOOM will still rake in enough dough to put it towards to top of the box-office, surpassing a half-dozen, much more worthy motion pictures to come out this month. I will blame Salma Hayek, who Sandler and co. shoved into the cast to appeal to anyone above fourteen who gets talked into seeing that movie. You can only hope some of them learned from GROWN UPS. Salma just keeps going and going like a boner-enducing Energizer bunny. She spent the whole summer traveling the world, premiering SAVAGES while director Oliver Stone tried to reach second base with her. Now that she's back, she's jumped right into premiering HERE COMES THE BOOM. Should she be proud of these movies? I don't know. Should she be proud of the effect her curvaceous body has on audiences? Yes.

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3:57AM on 10/11/2012

yeah the boobs but

Her hips and ass are killing that dress.
Her hips and ass are killing that dress.
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