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Hilary Duff avoids the Alec Baldwin tactic of handling pesky paps

Aug. 28, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
While this was going down down with Alec Baldwin while the actor was in New York, former Disney star, wife of Mike Comrie and current MILF Hilary Duff was over on the other side of the states being followed around relentlessly by the paparazzi and handling it in the style that she has been for some months (years?) now. I might not understand much about the actress or her choices in men, but I think that it's a hard and perhaps even admirable thing that she can fight back with a smile (don't misinterpret me, I think Alec is taking a great tactic in beating the shit of some of the photog vermin - it's his way, yannow?) instead of trying to hide her face or traveling with bodyguards. That's pretty darn special. Even if you're stalked to your Pilates class, your daily errands and later when you pick up your kid from daycare. Although I've left out the images of little Luca, Hilary's son, because even though he's cute as the dickens, I'm at least trying to give Duff a little piece of mind.

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Source: Daily Mail


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