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Hilary Duff is stuck, but still sexy, thanks to miniskirt!

Feb. 24, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

We've all been there before. Driving around in a luxurious car and pounding the stereo, we pull into a parking space with little regard to anyone's safety (including our own) while screaming out the last "kick out the epic motherf**ker!" by Dada Life, we begin to get out of the car and open the door a whole four inches before thinking, "Aww, shit." It looks like that's exactly what happened to Hilary Duff the other day as the paparazzi caught her between a door and a hard place. I don't know whether these people are smart bastards or sick bastards. On one hand, the opportunity to snap pics of Hilary wearing such a sexy little skirt (in heels, no less) doesn't happen everyday. On the other hand, she's clearly stuck and needs assistance with the jaws of life or a little bit of Crisco at the very least. Either way, she pulls it off like a pro, smiles and all. Now we've got these pics of the beautiful blonde bombshell with legs that won't quit in a miniskirt and heels. That'll do pig. That'll do.

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Extra Tidbit: Would you stand, watch and take pictures or help the poor lady out?
Source: The Superficial


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7:32PM on 02/24/2014
She looks like Billie Piper in these photos.
She looks like Billie Piper in these photos.
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